Shifting to a New Career after 50

Thinking about changing your career in mid-life? Many Baby Boomers are doing this, and have found greater joy and meaning in their lives after making the leap to try something different, yet still keep up with paying their bills. I just read an interesting article written by Kerry Hannon, author and regular contributor in She discusses her new book, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy … And Pays the Bills, a guide to finding financial security as well as personal and professional fulfillment.  She offers a financial checklist to consider before changing to an “Encore Career.”


This article is about Medicare Options in 2012, specifically for Montana, written by Duane “Pete” Pettersen. For anyone in the USA interested in learning more about options in your state, please refer to and to the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) publication, Medicare & You which is sent out to all people age 65 or older. For Medicare Supplement or Medigap policies, CMS puts out an excellent summary called 2012: Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare.

Original Medicare Only

Part A:  Hospitalization.

Paid for by payroll tax.  $1,156.00  deductible for 2012.

Movie Copyright Compliance in Senior Living Homes

This article is intended to educate and clarify for you what the law says about “Copyright Compliance” regarding Video, DVD, Computer Streaming, or Movie exhibitions in Senior Living Homes.

License Required!

Does your Senior Retirement/Assisted Living/Nursing Home Facility offer “Movie Night”, or closed circuit TV showings, or in-house TV channel movies? They may be required to have a license for public performance of these movies. This is to ensure compliance with the U.S. Copyright Act, Title 17. These licenses are issued by the MPLC, an independent copyright licensing agency.  The motion picture studios and producers have authorized the MPLC to grant these annual licenses to senior living communities. It is called the Umbrella License®, and as of 2012, costs about $12.00 for closed circuit use (for each connection) and $6.00 for common area use (for each independent living unit).


The Village Health Care is a long term care nursing home in Missoula, MT. It is located next to Community Medical Center and the Village Senior Residence. They offer many services, including Sub Acute Therapy with Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, Wound Care, Respite, Overnight Stays following outpatient surgeries, Comfort Care for End of Life care and support, Pearls of Life Memory Care for alzheimers or dementia care with specially trained staff, the Dining Program, Staying in Touch program to encourage family involvement and communication, and Transportation Services. They also offer Volunteer and Career Opportunities. For details on each of these services, check their website, listed below.


Opportunity Resources, Inc. in Missoula, Montana, offers residential housing and support for people 16 years and older with physical and/or developmental disabilities. ORI owns and manages an apartment complex in Missoula which houses 15 people, as well as 4 group homes, each housing 6-8 people. Benton Independent Living is one of these group homes (see

They offer case management, personal care assistance from 4 hours/week up to 24 hours/day, depending upon the needs of each resident. The Care Plan focus is on community participation and presence, expanding life skills to promote independent living, as well as behavior assessments and programs for those with behavior challenges. 24/7 on-call help is available for assistance and emergencies.

Compare Nursing Homes

By Judy Maloney RN

New health data provided by the government shows that CARE QUALITY in skilled nursing homes across the United States is improving!  Ratings of 4- and 5-stars have increased about 4%, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), after studying and surveying over 15,000 care facilities in America, showing improvement in care quality and staffing.

They report improvements in customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and in almost all meaningful quality measures in long term and post-acute care.


Elma Home Care is s 25-bed Assisted Living Home in Elma, WA. It is  20 miles from Olympia, WA, and was established about 16 years ago. They provide 24/7 care, including home cooked meals, coordination with personal appointments and transportation, social activities, and assistance with bathing, dressing, and other Activities of Daily Living. The staff assists with medication management to ensure compliance and continuity of medications, and have meds prepared at a pharmacy in “bubble packs” to ensure accuracy of dispensing.  It is located one block from a bus station and 2 blocks from shopping. They are 7 miles away from a hospital, and a new hospital is currently in the process of being constructed only 1/2 mile away from Elma Home Care, which will be the new Mark Reed Hospital, (currently located in Mcleary, WA). For a googlemap view of Elma Home Care, check out If you live at Elma Home Care, or if you know a resident there, or are an employee or have had any kind of experience with this facility, please write on our blog, and let us know your view!

LIGHTHOUSE Assisted Living in Missoula, MT


Lighthouse Assisted Living

Lighthouse Assisted Living

Sitting Room

Lighthouse Assisted Living is a 13-bed personal care home located on the south side of Missoula, Montana. It is staffed 24/7. A beautiful and complete renovation was done in 2011, with several skylights in the living room ceiling. There are 9 private rooms and 2 double occupancy rooms. It is one block from a park, and 1-2 miles from a hospital and shopping. They offer home cooked meals and snacks, served family style, from an open kitchen where residents are able to enjoy watching and smelling meals being prepared. There is a fenced back yard with a large deck off the kitchen.

Spirituality in the Nursing Home

When a new resident moves into a Care Home, the initial focus is usually on meeting their physical needs—clarifying their diet, medications, checking skin for wounds, setting up physical therapy, making sure their clothing is labeled, and on and on. With time, their emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs may become more evident. Attention to each one of these areas is vital. For many, the spiritual climate of their new home can be the key to adjusting and participating in life versus settling for simply existing, waiting for the end of life. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have Intentional Faith-based Programs to enable their residents to seek, practice, and live out their religious traditions and find peace within their new living situation.

Eldercare For More Than One Can Be Extremely Challenging!

I just read a good article, “Two for One: Caring for Two Elders At The Same Time,” about trying to cope with the situation  of being responsible for the care of not only one elderly parent, friend, or family member, but for two or more. This can be very challenging, trying to keep everyone safe and see that their needs are being met, while balancing your own life in the mix. This article discusses this topic, and offers some alternative ways to deal with the situation, including information about getting a Senior Companion or consider in-home help with caregiving or placement in an Assisted Living facility. For a listing of available care homes in the US, go to  The article also mentions how this multiple-caregiving can lead to increased stress and Caregiver Burnout, with several articles and information on this subject. Check out the article for details!