Elma Home Care is s 25-bed Assisted Living Home in Elma, WA. It is  20 miles from Olympia, WA, and was established about 16 years ago. They provide 24/7 care, including home cooked meals, coordination with personal appointments and transportation, social activities, and assistance with bathing, dressing, and other Activities of Daily Living. The staff assists with medication management to ensure compliance and continuity of medications, and have meds prepared at a pharmacy in “bubble packs” to ensure accuracy of dispensing.  It is located one block from a bus station and 2 blocks from shopping. They are 7 miles away from a hospital, and a new hospital is currently in the process of being constructed only 1/2 mile away from Elma Home Care, which will be the new Mark Reed Hospital, (currently located in Mcleary, WA). For a googlemap view of Elma Home Care, check out www.assistedcarefacilities.net. If you live at Elma Home Care, or if you know a resident there, or are an employee or have had any kind of experience with this facility, please write on our blog, www.assistedcarefacilities.net/blog and let us know your view!

LIGHTHOUSE Assisted Living in Missoula, MT


Lighthouse Assisted Living

Lighthouse Assisted Living

Sitting Room

Lighthouse Assisted Living is a 13-bed personal care home located on the south side of Missoula, Montana. It is staffed 24/7. A beautiful and complete renovation was done in 2011, with several skylights in the living room ceiling. There are 9 private rooms and 2 double occupancy rooms. It is one block from a park, and 1-2 miles from a hospital and shopping. They offer home cooked meals and snacks, served family style, from an open kitchen where residents are able to enjoy watching and smelling meals being prepared. There is a fenced back yard with a large deck off the kitchen.