Opportunity Resources, Inc. in Missoula, Montana, offers residential housing and support for people 16 years and older with physical and/or developmental disabilities. ORI owns and manages an apartment complex in Missoula which houses 15 people, as well as 4 group homes, each housing 6-8 people. Benton Independent Living is one of these group homes (see

They offer case management, personal care assistance from 4 hours/week up to 24 hours/day, depending upon the needs of each resident. The Care Plan focus is on community participation and presence, expanding life skills to promote independent living, as well as behavior assessments and programs for those with behavior challenges. 24/7 on-call help is available for assistance and emergencies.

The ORI Finance department offers professional management of individual’s finances if needed. Each home has staff and a manager providing support, individualized to each resident. They offer training to encourage their participation in activities of daily living and independence. Each resident, with the help of the staff, will identify and set goals, with the focus being to improve their overall quality of life.

Two home-based day programs are offered in the home environment in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Some of the work done is on habilitation goals, community integration, volunteering, developing hobbies and on developing domestic skills.

For more information about Opportunity Resources Inc. or details about Benton Independent Living, or any of their other group homes, check out their website

Corporate Office:
Opportunity Resources, Inc
2821 South Russell St.
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: (406)721-2930
TDD (800) 253-4091
Fax: (406)721-8744 (HIPAA secure)

Contact Information for Benton Independent Living:
2325 Benton Ave, Missoula, MT, 59801

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