Movie Copyright Compliance in Senior Living Homes

This article is intended to educate and clarify for you what the law says about “Copyright Compliance” regarding Video, DVD, Computer Streaming, or Movie exhibitions in Senior Living Homes.

License Required!

Does your Senior Retirement/Assisted Living/Nursing Home Facility offer “Movie Night”, or closed circuit TV showings, or in-house TV channel movies? They may be required to have a license for public performance of these movies. This is to ensure compliance with the U.S. Copyright Act, Title 17. These licenses are issued by the MPLC, an independent copyright licensing agency.  The motion picture studios and producers have authorized the MPLC to grant these annual licenses to senior living communities. It is called the Umbrella License®, and as of 2012, costs about $12.00 for closed circuit use (for each connection) and $6.00 for common area use (for each independent living unit).

Spirituality in the Nursing Home

When a new resident moves into a Care Home, the initial focus is usually on meeting their physical needs—clarifying their diet, medications, checking skin for wounds, setting up physical therapy, making sure their clothing is labeled, and on and on. With time, their emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs may become more evident. Attention to each one of these areas is vital. For many, the spiritual climate of their new home can be the key to adjusting and participating in life versus settling for simply existing, waiting for the end of life. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have Intentional Faith-based Programs to enable their residents to seek, practice, and live out their religious traditions and find peace within their new living situation.

Keep Us Informed

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