Eldercare For More Than One Can Be Extremely Challenging!

I just read a good article, “Two for One: Caring for Two Elders At The Same Time,” about trying to cope with the situation¬† of being responsible for the care of not only one elderly parent, friend, or family member, but for two or more. This can be very challenging, trying to keep everyone safe and see that their needs are being met, while balancing your own life in the mix. This article discusses this topic, and offers some alternative ways to deal with the situation, including information about getting a Senior Companion or consider in-home help with caregiving or placement in an Assisted Living facility. For a listing of available care homes in the US, go to www.assistedcarefacilities.net.¬† The article also mentions how this multiple-caregiving can lead to increased stress and Caregiver Burnout, with several articles and information on this subject. Check out the article for details!

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