LIGHTHOUSE Assisted Living in Missoula, MT

Lighthouse Assisted Living

Lighthouse Assisted Living

Sitting Room

Lighthouse Assisted Living is a 13-bed personal care home located on the south side of Missoula, Montana. It is staffed 24/7. A beautiful and complete renovation was done in 2011, with several skylights in the living room ceiling. There are 9 private rooms and 2 double occupancy rooms. It is one block from a park, and 1-2 miles from a hospital and shopping. They offer home cooked meals and snacks, served family style, from an open kitchen where residents are able to enjoy watching and smelling meals being prepared. There is a fenced back yard with a large deck off the kitchen.

Some of the services offered are assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, medication management, laundry and housekeeping. The staff can help to make arrangements for transportation to medical or other appointments. There is a very friendly, respectful, and caring atmosphere in this small assisted care home. It is owned by Larry Plant, a Physical Therapist in Missoula.  For more information and to see their location on a google map, go to

Contact information:


3214 Washburn St.

Missoula, MT 59801

Phone/Fax: (406) 926-1162



7 thoughts on “LIGHTHOUSE Assisted Living in Missoula, MT

  1. I am pleased to know about this facility. I am the parish nurse at St. Francis Xavier church here in Missoula and sometimes am in a position to recommend assisted living places to our parishioners. Would like to learn more about your facility and see more pictures if possible. Thank you Diedra Hoyt.

    • Thank-you Diedra for the nice note sometime ago. Please stop by for a visit. Come by anytime, but mid-morning and mid-afternoon are best. larry

  2. Hi Diedra,
    I’ll put some pictures of Lighthouse on this site soon! You can just call Lighthouse to set up a tour–Patience is the manager. They’re always glad to have people come in. I’ve posted the “Tips on Touring” articles on this website, please feel free to use it as a resource for your parishioners–I think it’s helpful if they can read through all of the articles BEFORE touring, and it helps prepare them to make informed decisions and think about the zillion different aspects of moving into a higher level of care situation, whether it’s an assisted living or nursing home. Keep watching for the pictures! Judy

    • It definitely was hot this summer! I spoke with the owner of Lighthouse Assisted Living in Missoula, and he said they will try to install an air conditioner by next summer. They used multiple fans around the facility this summer. Elderly people are usually uncomfortable from “being too cold”, so this is a concern, but of course being overheated is a health hazard. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  3. My mother has lived at Lighthouse since December 2012. She is very contented and feels completely at home. The staff are very caring and the atmosphere is homey, comfortable and relaxed. I no longer worry about my mother’s welfare as I did in other facilities. The smaller facility provides a better staff to resident ratio allowing for better attention to residents and less stress to caregivers.

    The meals are home cooked and staff are always finding activities that are stimulating and entertaining for the residents. Larry is a licensed physical therapist and provides PT for my mother, keeping her ambulatory.

    I can’t think of any other place I would want my mother to be.

  4. I actually work here and I can say that having worked in other assisted living homes, the staff actually cares about the people who live here. I have worked in places where people will not do a thing the second the boss or visitor walks out the door, but here everyone gets together and discusses the best way to care for these people. Because there is not too many residents, they can all be individually cared for and thought about thoroughly. Everyone knows and cares about every resident’s personal history and story, and if something is not done it is discussed and fixed. I am actually very impressed, having worked here for only about two months. No one here goes unloved or uncared for, and I can’t say that for any other place I have seen or worked in.

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