Ahead of time, discuss with your loved one, family, significant others and the primary healthcare provider what type and what level of care that is needed. Consider:

  • Lifestyle
  • Physical Needs
  • Emotional  Status
  • Mental Status
  • Mobility and Safety Issues
  • Dietary Needs
  • Medication Management
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Social  Preferences
  • Financial Concerns
  • Personal Boundaries

Check out each facility’s website if available. Make a list of all questions that
come up.


  • Advance Directives, a legal document expressing the wishes
    of your loved one if they become unable to communicate their health care
    preferences at some later date.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care or Guardianship
    if appropriate, and who the main contact person would be to represent the

Copy legal documents, such as social security card, birth certificate, driver’s license or ID card, military records, and insurance information. Accumulate and organize as much
personal and financial information as you can, and update it as needed, keeping
it in a safe and accessible place for future reference.

Involve the person needing the care in the discussion and decisions, and give them the opportunity to tour the facility, to ask questions, and help select the final choice. This
may help with their adjustment to the new home.

Prepare a worksheet/checklist to evaluate the different facilities you are considering.

Call ahead for an appointment. Ask to meet w/ the administrator, social service director,  and a nurse. Request to bring your loved one to tour the facility. Ask to eat a meal and/or observe an activity during your visit.

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For a complete list of care homes in your area and
contact information, see and click on the state, then the city, then on the facility.

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