• Consider the facility location; is it near enough for family and friends to visit? Is it
    close to a medical facility? Shopping and social opportunities?
  • How much supervision do they offer? Is it a locked facility? Do they offer wander
  • Consider distance to the dining area, activity rooms, social rooms, and ability to get there safely and easily.
  • Ask about the safety and security system in the facility, access to a personal alarm system, phone, and call bell system in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • What is their method of billing?
  • Do they have a “bed hold” policy if your loved
    one is in the hospital or out of the facility for a period of time?
  • Do they have resident/staff/family meetings on a regular basis? Who should attend? Is a family support group available?
  • What is their resident/staff ratio on each shift?
  • Does a doctor or other medical provider visit regularly? Is
    a dentist or podiatrist available? Do they have their own pharmacy? Are
    residents required to use that pharmacy? Is physical therapy available?
  • Are there dedicated areas for opportunity to exercise, for
    a hair salon, TV or activity room?
  • Is there a nurse on staff part time or 24/7? If not, who
    does the resident assessments and ensure the plan of care is implemented? How
    often are reassessments done? Who does medication dispensing, wound care, or
    other medical services?
  • What training, qualifications, and on-going training are
    required of the staff? Are they trained to deal with people with cognitive
  • Are there any special services or activities for those with
    memory impairment or other disabilities?

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For a complete list of care homes in your area and
contact information, see and click on the state, then the city, then on the facility.

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