Making a change in the living situation may occur suddenly as a result of a crisis, such as a health status change or illness or death of a caregiver or loved one. Sometimes it’s a gradual and evolving result of the aging process.   In any case, it is often difficult for a family to talk about moving a loved one out of their current home and into a  facility. Be prepared to listen to each person’s concerns, fears, and  ideas. Ask questions, allowing everyone to express their view on the subject, and discuss alternatives and options.Feelings of guilt can occur, and it’s important to talk about the goals of having good quality of life, living safely, and
addressing current and future care needs. Having a nurse, social worker, lawyer, counselor, clergy, accountant, financial planner, or physician take part in the conversation can help with emotional or delicate issues and decisions that can be difficult for families to discuss.

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For a complete list of care homes in your area and
contact information, see and click on the state, then the city, then on the facility.


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