Be prepared to give a history about the person including all
healthcare providers, pharmacist, dentist, allergies, any diet or religious
restrictions or special needs. Their healthcare provider may be able to provide
a complete health history and current medication list.

  • Physical–are they able to get around independently with or without devices? How much assistance do they need to walk, shower, dress, eat, get to the bathroom, or find their way back to their room? Do they need physical therapy? Is there a history of falls? Are there any wounds? Are they incontinent of bowels or bladder? Is there a urine catheter or any other tubes that need attention? Do
    they use oxygen? Do they have poor hearing or vision? Would they be able to
    find a way to get outside in case of an emergency or fire without help? (This
    issue may a determining factor on qualification for assisted living vs. nursing
  • Mental/Emotional–Are they aware of who they are & their surroundings, time, date? Do they have a sense of safety to avoid falls or other accidents? Will they accept help with mobility and other activities of daily living? Have they ever had a roommate in the past? Is there a history of fear or anxiety problems in a new environment or around new people? Do they have any habits that may influence the choice of a roommate?
  • Social–Are there any special routines, habits, practices, interests or lifestyle issues the facility needs to be aware of?

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For a complete list of care homes in your area and
contact information, see www.assistedcarefacilities.net and click on the state, then the city, then on the facility.

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